Well Drilling

We specialize in water well construction ranging from 4" - 24" in diameter.

Our projects include:

- Residential 
- Commercial
- Municipal
- Irrigation
- EDB (Delineated Area Wells)
- Fire Wells
- Public Supply (DEP or DOH)
- Constant Pressure or Variable Speed Pump Systems

Please contact us to set up a site evaluation. We will customize a well & pump package that will best suit your needs.

Your water system is the most valuable asset in your home, we will provide you with the most up to date reliable products on the market today.

Pump Services

We service all makes and models of pumps and tanks. Whether it's a residential or commercial system, we have fully trained and experienced staff to diagnose and repair any problems. We provide same day service for emergency situations.

Protect your pump system... It's an investment. We offer maintenance agreements to keep your equipment in good working order.

Examples of services included are:

- 24 hour emergency contact number.
- Monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual service.
- Well pump checkup.
- Check and adjust tank pressure.
- Clean area around the well site (ants, weeds, etc.).
- Inspect all major system components.
- Conduct water analysis.
- 10% discount on any parts.

Agreement can be customized to your requirements and needs.

Water Treatment

Allen's carries a full line of water treatment equipment and systems to correct your water quality problems.

- Hard water
- Sulfur removal for odors
- pH problems
- Water softening for scale
- Iron filtration for staining and metallic taste
- Filters and conditioners to treat acidic water
- Conditioners to remove bacteria

At $8 per gallon bottled water isn't cheap. Invest in a drinking water system that pays for itself.

- Purified water for drinking, cooking, and ice making
- Removes nitrates, arsenic, lead, and other contaminates
- No more bottle or jug hassles
- Literally pennies per gallon

Please complete our on-line "get info" form to receive a free analysis of your water system. We look forward to serving you!